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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

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...but do you know HOW to “JERF?”

Becca Crawford


I love this quote and it does summarise how we should be eating as a species BUT what causes confusion for many people is the finer (and no less important) detail of the SOURCE, the PROCESSING, the PROPER PREPARATION and the MACRONUTRIENT RATIOS of that real food. 

For example, raw honey is a real food but how much concentrated sweeteners should we be having a day? Spinach is a real food but do you know it shouldn’t be eaten raw? Meat is a real food but how many people consider that its nutritional value is entirely dependent on what the cows ate? Nuts are real food, but conventional nuts are one of the most heavily sprayed food items and moreover nuts need to be prepared in a certain way to make them digestible and absorbed. Fish oil and olive oil are real foods but their processing spans the spectrum to such a degree that they could be either rancid or powerfully medicinal. Ditto chocolate. Getting the balance (macronutrient ratios) of real food can also have a profound effect on your metabolism and health. If don’t get that balance right (e.g. eat too many real-food carbohydrates), optimal health and weight will be out of reach. 

If you’ve switched to a real foods diet but aren’t getting the results you want (looking and feeling your vibrant best!) it’s these finer details that can make a huge impact. 

So “just eating real food” is really only one part of dietary puzzle. I see so many people really struggling with the “HOW do I just eat real food?” This is where I come in and provide you with comprehensive yet concise fact sheets, information and education in my one on one health coaching sessions with exactly the same information being relayed (at a fraction of the price) in my FOOD AS MEDICINE TALKS

Next cities in the Australian Food As Medicine tour: 

Adelaide 16 Feb
Sydney 2 & 3 Mar
Byron Bay 13 Apr
Gold Coast 14 Apr

Make 2019 the year to really demystify any confusion you might have around what is real food and how to eat it to really optimise your health and well-being. After all, sourcing, preparing, and eating real food should be an enjoyable, easy and nourishing experience for our species on every level. 



Becca Crawford


My mission is to inspire others to lead less toxic, more nourishing lives. It’s a simple as that. And I do this by inspiring people to healthy swap not only processed ‘foods’ for nutrient-dense foods, but also healthy swapping conventional personal care products, household cleaning products, perfumes, make up and pharmaceuticals with all natural, non toxic, versions. For what we put on our skin and breathe into our lungs is just as, if not more, important than the food we eat as our skin and lungs have no digestive filters!

Photo 5-8-17, 4 52 26 pm.jpg

Scientific research suggests that the conventional personal care products and household cleaning products that line our supermarket shelves contain toxins that wreak havoc on our and our childrens’ systems, as well as adversely affect the health of our planet. Our children are most vulnerable as their skin is more permeable and the effect of toxins in their smaller systems is more pronounced.  If you want to learn more about the specific dangers, I encourage you to check out the Netflix documentary Stink! or read Low Tox Life by Alexx Stuart or One Bite at a Time by Sarah Lantz and Tabitha Mcintosh. Toxins and Nourishment are the 2 primary epigenetic / lifestyle factors that profoundly influence our health. Toxins cause inflammation and we know that inflammation is the root cause of all modern disease. And here we are unwittingly slathering these toxins onto our and our childrens’ skin and hair, and breathing them in while cleaning our house, spraying on perfumes  and lighting our scented candles. The good news is that it is never too late to start kicking toxic chemicals to the curb to create a toxic-free home environment for you and your family. Your home is after all the ONE and only environment you can control!

To that end, this year (like previous years), I’m continuing my crusade against toxins by running regular gatherings where I will educate and show you how simple, easy and cost effective it can be to rid your house of all hormone-disruptive toxic chemicals and healthy swap to all-natural cost-effective and super powerful versions, one by one. Instead of getting overwhelmed, I will hold your hand and make the healthy swapping as easy and enjoyable as possible. View healthy swapping as an act of self-love because it’s essentially saying “I care about my health, my partner’s health, my kids’ health and the health of the planet”. And what could be more important than that?!?!?

what will be covered:  

In my 3 hour information-packed gatherings, I discuss in my renowned, uncomplicated, no-nonsense practical, un-fluffy, approach:

  • the various toxins found in common personal care products and household cleaning products and their effect on our system as well as the loopholes that allow them in there in the first place 

  • what products to healthy swap to

  • the essential oils basics (what are they, how they fit into my health and wellness paradigm, the 3 methods of application, how they affect our emotions and safety concerns)

  • the four ways I have incorporated essential oils into my life 

  • the due diligence questions to ask when choosing an essential oils brand

  • an overview of 11 specific essential oils (both blends and singles) found in the Young Living  Premium Starter Kit including what they can be used for and, in particular, how they can replace conventional household cleaning products, personal care products, pharmaceuticals  and perfumes to lower your toxic load

  • why we diffuse and never burn essential oils

  • how to purchase a Young Living starter kit 

  • how you can earn an income by sharing the Young Living products with others that can cover the cost of your monthly Young Living orders, and can handsomely supplement and even replace your existing income to provide you with complete financial freedom including travel opportunities. 


Free for Young Living members in my team, else $25 for non-members. All members and non-members can bring a friend or friends for free. Reserve your place here and discover the discount code!

At each gathering you will receive:

  • A 15ml bottle of Young Living orange essential oil that retails for A$22.35 (for those who pay $25 booking fee).

  • My hand made raw dark chocolate infused with Young Living essential oils.

  • My Ningxia gummies made with Young Living Ningxia Red and GelPro grass fed beef gelatin.

  • Young Living essential oil infused herbal tea and Young Living essential oil infused filtered water infused. 

  • Opportunity to purchase at wholesale prices Young Living essential oils. 

  • A comprehensive Welcome Pack that I put together for all my Young Living members including a comprehensive Essential Oils 101 booklet plus numerous fact sheets (including fact sheets for culinary oils, birthing protocol, supplements and loads more) for every person who purchases a Young Living starter kit on the day. 

  • Opportunity to ask questions about toxic-free living, essential oils generally, or any Young Living product specifically.

  • Opportunity to smell and experience the Young Living difference (I welcome you to bring your other oils to compare!). 

These gatherings are ideal for: 

  • Those who are interested in healthy swapping all their personal care products, air fresheners, perfumes, make up, pharmaceuticals and household cleaners with non toxic, super powerful, cost effective, all-natural alternatives

  • Those who are interested in being their family’s alchemist and healer in the first instance and in particular only want to use the highest quality essential oils on the planet especially for therapeutic purposes 

  • Those who are interested to learn about essential oils generally and Young Living specifically and why Young Living are in a league of their own as the world leaders in essential oils with their 2 decade leadership history

  • Those who have purchased a Young Living Premium Starter kit through me but haven’t been to a gathering to be educated on it

  • Those who have come to one of my previous essential oils gatherings and want a refresher of how to incorporate the oils and Young Living products further into their daily life

  • Those who want to learn how to use essential oils to promote, maintain and support their and their family’s health and to reduce their chemical burden

  • Those who want to take their health and well-being to the next level with the inclusion of essential oils

  • Holistic practitioners and body/energy workers who want to learn how to incorporate the oils into their practice for the benefit of their clients

  • Those who want to learn new things and immerse themselves into our oily tribe of like-minded people!


when & where:

Gatherings are run 1-2 times per month in various Australian cities.  View all available dates and cities here.
Feel free to forward to any family members and friends.
I look forward to seeing you at one of my gatherings soon!

Cancellation Policy: Once payment has been made, it is non-refundable and your place can not be moved to a different date. If you can not make it due to last minute unforeseen circumstances, feel free to gift your place to a friend and let me know. Thank you for your understanding.


Food as Medicine and The Fundamentals of Robust Nutrition – the Australian tour begins!

Becca Crawford

Screenshot 2018-09-26 13.50.46.png

I am thrilled to announce that I will be touring Australia to co-present a comprehensive half-day presentation on Food as Medicine and The Fundamentals of Robust Nutrition. I will be co-presenting with Marieke Rodenstein, Australia’s pre-eminent holistic dietician, whom I have had the privilege of working closely with over the past 8 years.

Our collective forte is to combine the wisdom of ancestral diets with the latest developments in nutritional medicine and robust science, to provide you with all the tools and resources you need on how to nourish your body and optimise your health. 

Health issues, pharmaceutical band-aids, and confusion and stress over what, when and how to eat might be considered “normal” in today’s society, but this is not a natural state of being and you don’t have to settle to live that way.  


While health is multifactorial (and directly influenced by lifestyle factors such as movement, sleep, breath, stress management, immersion in nature, fun and play, and connections with ourselves and others), nourishing your body with the anti-inflammatory nutritionally-dense whole foods that we as a species are biologically designed to eat is, I believe, the cornerstone (as well as the fastest and easiest way!) of reclaiming and maintaining spectacular health with the most profound impact. 

Even though the information that will be presented is a source of general information only and not tailored to individual or specific health issues, what we have witnessed and experienced over the past 2 decades is that in the vast majority of cases consciously addressing the foundations of our health -  starting with simple, positive and meaningful dietary changes -  can seamlessly resolve many specific health issues and can result in profound shifts in health and wellbeing. Small changes, big impact. 

By the end of our presentation, our mission is to make you feel empowered that you have all the information, tools and resources you need to reclaim and maintain your and your family’s health and wellbeing so that you can be the best possible version of yourself and live the full and vibrant life that you so truly deserve.


I will explain in my renowned, uncomplicated, no-nonsense, practical approach how to reduce the mismatch between our lifestyle (particularly dietary) choices and our ancient DNA, in order to function optimally, perform our best and reach our true potential. I will unpack the fundamental principles of robust nutrition and bust mainstream myths that have contributed to the epidemic of modern illness and degenerative disease. In particular, I will discuss:

  • The 2 broad epigenetic factors that influence our health and well being

  • A brief overview of the 8 Foundations of Health before homing in on nutrition and hydration

  • The 3 distinct periods of evolution from a nutritional point of view

  • Why the standard western diet has been a complete failure

  • Why traditional societies pre industrial revolution lived in a state of perfect robust health

  • My nutritional philosophy on what we as a species are designed to eat

  • What are the most nutrient-dense wholefoods that we should be eating

  • Where our food comes from (provenance) and how its been processed

  • Where to source wholefoods most affordably and the relevant due diligence questions to ask

  • Myth busting around saturated fat and cholesterol

  • Macronutrient ratios and what your plate should look like

  • How to properly prepare food super simply and efficiently while maximising its nutritional benefits and flavour

  • The 3 main buckets of dietary toxins and why they wreak havoc on our health

  • Safe sugars, safe grains, and healthy fats

  • How to transition effortlessly and joyously from a conventional diet to nutrient-dense wholefoods diet with step by step healthy swaps. 

what marieke rodenstein WILL discuss:

Holistic dietitian, Marieke Rodenstein, will discuss the fundamental principles of robust nutrition for optimum gut health. The mention of the word bacteria typically conjures up fears of disease and has us running for our hand sanitizer. Most people think of bacteria as dangerous and dirty, more foe than friend. Subsequently, our focus has been on the microbes that harm us, and how we can eradicate them. While there are many bad bugs that can have serious consequences on our health, what often goes unnoticed, however, is the critical role that beneficial bacteria play in keeping us healthy. We humans harbor over 100 trillion bacteria in and on our body and the majority of these microbes live in our gut. If you look after your gut and you are guaranteed better health. Disturbances in our gut flora are being linked to an ever increasing number of diseases from gastrointestinal issues such as IBS and acid reflux to eczema, allergies, autoimmune issues, diabetes, depression, obesity and autism. 

During Marieke's presentation you will learn:

  • How your gut influences your health

  • The role of the gut in modern disease

  • What affects your gut health and the warning signs that you may have an unhealthy gut 

  • Key dietary and lifestyle principles to improve your gut health

Due to being in overwhelming demand across Australia, Marieke can only take on a limited number of new clients who have been directly referred to her. By attending this talk you will automatically have the opportunity to work with her, if you so choose, as her on going client to address any specific health issues you may have (involving a protocol of robust testing, diagnosis and holistic treatment). 


  1. Detailed nutritional theory discussion. The information I deliver is essentially the same subject matter that I typically discuss in my one-on-one 3 hour health coaching sessions. I appreciate that the financial investment of my one on one health coaching sessions is cost prohibitive for many, so these small group public talks are your opportunity to obtain, at a fraction of the price, the benefit of exactly the same material that you would receive in a one-on-one 3 hour private health coaching session with me valued at $450 (a massive saving of $300). This is in addition to the information that Marieke will provide.

  2. 20 page folder with numerous fact sheets to take home that will set you up with comprehensive knowledge and practical how-to for life.

  3. Wholefood tastings of our activated nuts, our organic artisan raw dark chocolate, tea infused with peppermint essential oil, and filtered water infused with lemon essential oil.

  4. Opportunity to ask questions of myself and of Marieke Rodenstein, and to work with Marieke as her ongoing client if you so choose.

THIS presentation IS IDEAL FOR:

  • Those who are stressed and confused about what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, macronutirent ratios, where to source wholefoods from most affordably (esp if you’re on a budget) and how to properly prepare their food

  • Those who suffer, or have family members who suffer, from health issues (such as low immunity, gut issues such as gas, bloating or constipation, excess weight, under weight, skin conditions, lethargy, troubled sleep, absent /irregular periods, PMT, inability to conceive, recurrent colds and flues, excessive mucous, osteo-skeletal issues such as aches and pains, depression, low libido, brain fog, cavities)

  • Those who want to reduce time in the kitchen and/or simplify meals without ever compromising nutrient-density

  • Those who deal with picky and fussy eaters

  • Those who are worried that their children are not thriving or functioning as best as they could be

  • Those wanting to reduce or eliminate gluten, refined sugar and processed foods generally but don’t know where to start and don’t want to feel deprived of their favourite treats or deprive others in their home of their favourite foods

  • Those who want to know recommended practitioners that they can work with who are on exactly the same nutritional and lifestyle page (including GPs, Naturopaths, Dentists, Osteopaths and Building Biologists).

  • ·  Those who  are generally healthy, fit and food conscious but want to take their health and well-being to the next level by solidifying their nutritional knowledge and practical how-to skills

WHEn and where:

Please select your preferred date from the drop down list in the online store. Places are strictly limited to 25 people each.

New dates and cities will be added as and when venues are booked in 2019. I plan to run one public Food as Medicine talk in Sydney every couple of months in 2019 in addition to other venues around Australia.

I look forward to seeing you at one of my Food as Medicine talks!


CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to limited seating, once payment has been made your place is non-refundable and non transferable. If you can not make it due to last minute unforeseen circumstances, feel free to gift your place to a friend and let me know. Thank you for your understanding.


Hi Soulla, Just wanted to thank you for today - hands down the best 3 1/2 hours I’ve invested in the area of nutrition. Today’s material tied it all together for me and is exactly the information I need to be able to fine-tune my diet and take it to the next (optimal) level. Thanks also again for allowing me to bring my teenage niece along - we spoke about our learnings all the way home. How lucky is she to have exposure to such powerful information as what was presented today at such a young age!!
— Nancy
A huge thank you to you and Marieke for a most informative and effectively delivered presentation on how to keep us healthy holistically...I always enjoy your talks...the knowledge you empower us with and your effervescent approach to share what you know is so well received and appreciated
— Maria
I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the workshop on Saturday. You’re an energetic, dynamic and articulate presenter and it is clear that you love what you do. It shines out of your face like sunlight when you talk. It was lovely to receive the warmth you offered us.
— Kendall
Thank you Soulla for sharing so much wisdom with us at your ‘Food as medicine’ talk in Melbourne. I have enjoyed several of your online workshops, so i was thrilled you could come to Melb to present this one in person. Your wealth of knowledge on this topic was really impressive and I loved that you included not only nutrition, but also lifestyle choices and low toxic living in the discussion as well. I’ve already implemented some of your handy hints and health hacks at home. My kids are particularly loving the healthy home made chocolates! The worksheets you gave us are fantastic and a bible I know I’ll refer to often. I particularly love the Healthy Swap table and the recommended holistic practitioners in Melbourne. It was fantastic to have Marieke there as well and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to her afterwards for further nutrition advice. Thank you Soulla for spreading the ‘truth’ about nutrition and what our bodies are naturally designed to eat.
— Anna
I sat for 6 hours over the weekend totally engrossed in Soulla’s message for health, vitality and happiness. For someone who likes to spend every minute of the weekend outside having adventures, this was quite an achievement on her behalf. What a compelling and informative two sessions it was for me. Such incredible information and delivered in an easy to follow and thoroughly engaging way. You are certainly well on your way to helping people with their mismatch in nutrition! Going back over the history of nutrition put everything in perspective for me, and made me see things from place of much deeper understanding. Most importantly, Soulla is living breathing evidence of the truth of her message. She is so vital, glowing, and happy and her enthusiasm is inspirational. I left both workshops (Food as Medicine and Healthy Home/Healthy Swaps) feeling ready to optimize my heath even further, and as a health coach, more able to help my clients achieve their dream health and their dreams.
— Jessie
I am LOVING my high fat diet since the food as medicine workshop! I’m so much more satisfied and it’s helping with my food binges that I’ve been struggling with so much!!!
— Renee
Soulla, thank you SO much for creating this amazing family. Thank you for the incredible work you do and for bringing so much joy and excitement into my life. I’m forever grateful to you for sharing your knowledge on food and diet & the 8 foundations of health. Your bone broth workshop has made my life SO much easier....I am so grateful to have come across the oils and your workshops and the challenge of then going on to host a gathering of my own & the pride and satisfaction of actually doing that. It brings me such comfort being able to connect with like minded mummas & not feel like a stranded person who is stuck at sea doing all this ‘crazy’ stuff (that I have no intention of stopping cos deep down I know it’s right). I seriously sat on that table yesterday eating that sensational soup just smiling. It was such a wonderful day and all of these people just blow my mind. They’re so beautiful and so friendly and then I got to shop at broth bar on the way home and fill my cupboard with all nutrient dense goodies! I can’t thank you enough 🙏🙏
— Kerry