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Essential Oils



Why this once “oils skeptic” now uses essential oils

I've been dabbling in essential oils for 20 years. In fact I ran my first essential oils workshop 20 years ago when I was a young lawyer in my early 20s. So essential oils are something that I have been drawn to but for most part it's just been dabbling. Mostly because I didn't explore the provenance of the oils – their sourcing and processing- and hence I didn’t really understand how this affects their potency, range of uses and whether they were therapeutic grade. I would probably go so far as to have once called myself an essential oils skeptic – thinking that they were just something that you burned in your house to smell nice and that's it. 

It wasn’t until I had a serious mould incidence in my house in 2016 when my kids and I became very sick with mould illness for numerous months which I blogged about here and here and my blogs went viral (excuse the pun) around the globe and someone from France contacted me urging me to consider using an essential oil blend called Thieves which they said had been university tested to kill mould and could potentially support my kids and I through our mould illness recovery. My initial reaction was “Thieves?! WTF? Why would anyone call an essential oils Thieves?!?” 

Something about this so called ‘Thieves’ piqued my curiosity, so I started researching and researching and soon found myself leaving no stone unturned in the world of essential oils. And to my sheer surprise I discovered that: 

A. Essential oils are nutrient-dense: essential oils are often called the life force of the plant or the heart and soul of the plant. They are the most powerful part of the plant, without which the plant wouldn’t exist (hence the term essential). But the real kicker is that their very function is to carry nutrients into the cells of plants. So essential oils have the same role in plants as blood does in the human body- to carry nutrients into cells. So how nutrient dense are essential oils? According to the Dr Mat Lalonde scale of nutrient-density, unirradiated herbs and spices are the second most nutrient dense foods on the planet. A pure unadulterated therapeutic-grade essential oil is said to be 100 to 10,000 times more potent or nutrient-dense than the plant from which it came. That’s what I call nutrient-density in a bottle! 

B. Essential oils are detoxifying: pure therapeutic-grade essential oils are highly oxygenating. In fact pure essential oils are scientifically documented to carry the highest level of oxygenating molecules of any substance known to man! The oxygen molecules they contain push chemicals out of our cells. Given the ubiquitous toxicity of our modern day environment, I think it is now more important than ever to use detoxifying tools at our disposal like pure therapeutic-grade essential oils to assist the body in its near constant detoxification task. 

So essential oils beautifully dovetail into my health and well paradigm of increasing nourishment on the one hand and reducing toxins on the other hand. They are simply another tool in my health toolbox to increase nourishment and decrease toxicity in our body

How I use essential oils 

As I started appreciating the versatility, purity, potency and therapeutic-grade properties of essential oils, I slowly started incorporating them into my life in the following ways: 

A.  A beautiful and powerful adjunct to the 8 Foundations of Health

In my health coaching sessions I further pack the two broad environmental factors that influence our health (nourishment and toxicity) into eight - what I call the 8 Foundations of Health, each of which can be a source of nourishment or toxicity in its own right (I’ve blogged about them here and here). Essential oils have become a beautiful and powerful adjunct to my 8 Foundations of Health to turbo-charge or enhance my nutrition, my hydration, my movement, my sleep, the air quality of that I breathe, my emotions, my feelings of connectedness, and my connection with nature (since they are nature in a bottle).

B.  My first port of call wellness cabinet

I turn to the oils as my first aid kit to nip any health issues in the bud in the first instance. When my children present with a runny nose, a cold, teething, tummy pain, insect bite, cut, sting, tight muscles, have a temperature, can’t focus or can’t sleep, it’s so empowering as a mother knowing that I can turn to one of the oils in the first instance to support their system. There are options other than Panadol, Bongela, Mortein, Aeroguard, Dencorub, Vick’s, Coderol cold and flu tablets or other pharmaceutical band-aid solutions!

I’ve learnt to tap into that “mothers’ intuition” and be my family’s healer to determine what I or my children best need in the first instance. For a very long time I outsourced so much of my and my childrens’ health to the point where I often felt disempowered. Educating myself, learning to trust myself again, and claiming back some of that power is hugely satisfying for me as a mother. And I tell my children what I’m using and why I’m using it to educate them too. All traditional societies would educate the next generation not just on using food as medicine (and how to source and prepare it) but also on the healing power of plants. It’s a tragedy that with the advent of fast food and pharmaceuticals that these sacred age-old practices have fallen by the way-side. 

Given half the chance, the human body knows exactly what to do to restore and maintain homeostasis and vibrant health. To that end, pure, organic, therapeutic grade essential oils are another powerful tool to support our body in restoring and maintaining balance.

And, instinctively, I know when it’s time to seek external support and turn to one of more of the arsenal of intuitive and integrative health care practitioners that I’m privileged to work with. 

C.  Healthy swapping all my personal care products and household cleaning products

I have healthy swapped not only pharmaceutical products, but all of my personal care products and household cleaning products with pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil infused products to create a toxic free home environment for my family. My home is the one and only environment that I can control! 

The ingredients contained in conventional personal care products and household cleaning products – and even dare I say many of the so called organic ones- are questionable at best and toxic at worst. Ingredients like SLS (and other foaming agents), PEGs, propylene glycol, fragrances, Triclosan, bleach are toxic and these toxins cause inflammation. We know that inflammation is the root cause of all modern disease. And here we are inhaling them, applying to our and our childrens’ skin, scalp, hair and nails. Just because something is allowed to be sold or is ubiquitous in society doesn’t mean that it is safe! The average woman applies 300 chemicals to her body a day and 80 of which are applied before she’s even walked out of the house! We always have a choice as to what to buy and use. So my mission is to educate, support, empower and guide others in making healthier, less toxic, choices for themselves and their family.

D.  Adding a beautiful spirit and energy to the home

When diffused, essential oils add such a beautiful spirit and energy to my home and work environment. They create that safe and inviting space that we all love and covet. It’s the first thing house guests comment on when they walk into my home.

While I would never hang my hat on any one thing – as health is very much multifactorial-  since I started using the oils in 2016 without making any other lifestyle changes, I have felt just that bit calmer, happier, and healthier. My emotions are more on an even keel and I feel that I can deal with curve balls that the universe throws at me with a little more ease and grace. My skin is glowing like never before and my kids are so much more chilled out. There’s less fighting, yelling and screaming in my house. Though my fiery temper still does rear its head on occasion ... I am Greek after all 😉

Why I exclusively use Young Living essential oils 

Once upon a time I simply thought that all essential oils brands are much of a muchness. Once I started researching essential oils it came as a bit of a surprise that not all essential oils are created equal!! I did not appreciate that their source and processing spans the spectrum in terms of quality – just like food. When it comes to what I put in and on my childrens’ bodies, I am obsessed with using only the very best quality- whether it’s food or personal care products or essential oils- because they all end up inside our bodies!  Because my retail store is so tiny, the space constraints have forced me to hone in on my research skills and to choose the highest quality brand in each field- whether its eggs, salami, cod liver oil, collagen powder, essential oils and everything in between. 

I contacted all the leading essential oil companies (in exactly the same way that I do with all suppliers and farmers of products that I’m interested in), and I grilled them on my due diligence enquiries. A hefty list of 20 questions on the things that matter most to me in the world of essential oils (these are set out in my comprehensive essential oils workshop booklet). From my days as a corporate lawyer I know the importance of doing a thorough due diligence before investing money.  

I was super mindful of not following trends, social media influencers, and being allured by slick, sexy (often aggressive) marketing campaigns. Instead I really laser-focused my enquiries on 2 things: quality and integrity. 

I analysed the answers of the companies that bothered to write back to me and I spent hours on the phone with them.  I road tested all of the leading brands: I smelt them, used them, diffused them, ingested them (the food grade ones), felt their vibrational frequency (or lack thereof), and read numerous independent reports comparing brands (which I can send to you if you are interested). 

My due diligence investigations led me to the definitive conclusion that Young Living is really the only essential oils company that can tick all my 20 boxes. This gives me a quality assurance that no other oil company in the world can. When asked how does Young Living compare to other oil companies, I simply encourage you to make your own due diligence enquiries and to see what their response is. 

Young Living was established over 26 years ago by a farmer and researcher in USA called Gary Young who was driven to reverse his own crippling health after a logging accident. Gary Young has devoted his life to understanding the potency and benefits of plants and is regarded as the world’s leading authority on essential oils. 

Today Young Living remain a privately run family business by Gary and Mary Young and are the largest essential oils company in the world. Young Living is regarded as the world leader on essential oils on every measure with their 2 decade history of industry leadership. Independent research shows time and again that their oils are of the highest unparalleled quality the world over. In other words, they are the Rolls Royce of the essential oils world. 

Here are some of the main reasons why I exclusively use Young Living and what’s make them the world leaders in the essential oils movement

Why YP one pager for website.jpg

Learn more at an essential oils workshop 

You can learn more about essential oils by attending one of my comprehensive essential oils workshops that will set you up for life with the essential oil basics. To learn what is covered in the workshop, what you receive and how to book, click on the icon below. 

If the dates of my upcoming workshops don’t suit you, simply contact me so I can let you know of one of the numerous workshops that are frequently being run by my team leaders across the country that you can attend. Alternatively,  you can always contact me anytime by phone and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and set you up with a starter kit in a one on one session either in person or over the phone at no charge. 

Free Oils Consultation

If you can’t make it to an essential oils workshop, I would be delighted to discuss all the relevant information with you and to answer all your questions in a free 30 minute phone or in person session. We can set you up with my comprehensive workshop booklet and other information so that you can hit the ground running when your starter kit arrives. Simply contact me to arrange a time to discuss. 

How to purchase Young Living essential oils

To purchase Young Living essential oils and related products follow the steps in this simple How To Purchase Guide

In terms of the various membership types, I recommend that you sign up to the monthly Essential Rewards program as this is the most economical and empowering way of ordering as you immediately start accumulating credit points (to redeem on free products) and discounted shipping and can simply stay on the program for as long as you like (you are not locked into anything). If you are serious about living a toxic-free lifestyle and replacing all your personal care products and household cleaning products with pure, safe, non toxic products (including shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, dental floss, face cleansing oil, deodorants, hair oil, body wash, household cleaner, laundry liquid, dishwashing liquid, mineral based make up), then signing up to the  Essential Rewards program is the best value as it is simply a redirection of resources that I’m spending on products anyway, and not an additional household expenditure…with the added bonus that they all get delivered to my door!

Even though the steps in the How To Purchase Guide are straight forward, I recommend that in the first instance you simply call me and I will walk you through it. I am more than happy to take care of the administrative signing up work for you to save you the hassle ☺

Why I share Young Living essential oils – yes a business opportunity!

For a very long time, I never mentioned the business opportunity that exists in sharing the Young Living products, because I didn’t even know that it existed! I fell in love with the products and was educating people in the magic of these oils having no idea that Young Living was paying money into my bank account every month. And when I was told it was because Young Living is a network marketing company I stared blankly at them asking “What does that mean?”

For those who also might be wondering, this means that if you share the products with someone else- say your friend- and your friend buys an oils kit from Young Living, then Young Living pays YOU a commission as a thank you for the recommendation. So instead of employing a sales team to go and market the products from door to door, network marketing companies think that the best people to market their products are the very people who use them! Mums like me! 

If you think about it, we network market all the time. Every time we find a product that we love and can’t live without what do we do? We tell our family and friends about it , we post about it on social media and we give loved ones samples of the product to try. And our family and friends will go out and buy the products especially if they trust us and really value our opinion and know we’ve done a thorough due diligence. The only difference is that network marketing companies will reward you for your recommendation!

The real kicker is that Young Living is unique because they have the highest retention rate of any network marketing company in the world– well over 50% of people who sign up to buy a kit keep going back and buying Young Living products every single month as a testament to how phenomenal the products are. The industry average is less than 8%.

And even when all this was explained to me, I would still shy away from mentioning the business opportunity because I ran a story in my head that people wouldn’t be interested, or wouldn’t want to hear it, or I’d be seen to be too “businessy” or that everyone thought network market was a dirty word. 

Then I sat back and saw how Young Living is affording me as a single mum with opportunities that would otherwise be closed to me – the opportunity to travel all expense paid to their international conventions and visit their farms and the opportunity to earn an additional revenue stream that covers the cost of my monthly Young Living orders, handsomely supplements my existing income and can potentially give me complete financial freedom. So I wondered if other people would also be interested in this financial opportunity and whether it could be a way for me to help other people live more abundantly- not just physically and emotionally but also financially. And to my surprise many people – especially stay at home mums, or those not happy with their current jobs, or those under financial strain - have really embraced with gusto the notion of sharing the oils and creating a business of their own in the comfort of their own home working together as a team in a non-competitive way.

Many women have since come up to me said ‘Why didn’t you tell me about the business opportunity earlier?!?’ It then struck me right between the eyes that I could have helped these women earlier. By telling people about the products only and not the business opportunity, I did them a disservice by not giving them the complete package and letting them decide. Now I give people the complete package- the full menu and not just the entrée. And the choice is always yours.  

So perhaps the greatest pleasure of all that Young Living has afforded me, has been the opportunity to help other people live more abundantly in all areas of their life – emotionally, physically and financially. 

How YOU can join my team to also share Young Living essential oils

Yes the Young Living products are life changing, but the financial opportunity that exists by sharing these products can be even more life changing! What doors are closed to you now that could otherwise be open to you if you had complete or even greater financial freedom?

If you want to create a heart-centred business that makes a difference to people’s lives and to the planet, to run it on your own terms from anywhere in the world, to travel the world all-expense-paid to conventions and farms, and to make a fabulous income that exceeds your wildest dreams, I invite you to contact me to discuss joining my team as a business leader. 

Whatever level of residual income you desire (whether it’s just to have your monthly orders paid for or to have all your household expenses paid for or to secure complete financial freedom), and at whatever pace you wish to grow your Young Living business, my commitment in joining my team is that my business leaders and I will wholeheartedly support you in your journey every step of the way.

To that end you will have available to you a truly unique 50 page comprehensive business manual “Unlocking Abundance” that I created for all my Young Living business leaders as a resource to help them put systems in place to build and maintain a sustainable and thriving Young Living network marketing business that ultimately brings abundance in all areas of their life. 

Unlocking Abundance distils the fundamental business principles that I have learnt over the years and at Young Living conventions and sets out how to avoid the numerous ‘mistakes’ and pitfalls that I have made and encountered in my Young Living business journey to date. 

Unlocking Abundance contains a rich tapestry of comprehensive information that can be passed down from business builder to business builder to facilitate a systematic 10 step approach to sustainable business building. I see this manual forming part of a legacy that empowers all who use and cherish it to a life of rich abundance. 

My commitment, through Unlocking Abundance is to champion successful business leaders and to honour, support, nurture, guide, and inspire them in turn to create their own business leaders and a thriving Young Living business. 

I invite you to join me on a journey of unlocking the abundance already within us and to be the vehicle to help others do the same.

“But what if I can’t afford Young Living?”  

If you think you can’t afford to buy Young Living products or have a wholesale account (and I used to think that way), then read this.


Soulla, I read the entire manual last night. What an amazing piece of work you have done!! It did indeed answer all my questions. I am so excited to be on this journey with you!
— Rebecca
I have been following your Instagram for over 12 months now and I love the daily uses of the essential oils ... but it wasn’t until your workshop that I truly understand the power that the young living oils have to offer
— Paris
Hi Soulla. I just wanted to share my essential oils journey so far. I use them everyday, for baths, diffusing, eating and topically. I can’t see my life without them now and the list of other oils I want to try is growing. I have smashed your booklet, that thing is my bible!!!! I refer to it for everything (I’ve placed it in a plastic folder for extra protection). My husband and kids have embraced the journey. Thieves is the next range I’d like to try (EXIT MOULD has left the house)! I made your chocolate bulletproof with a drop of peppermint, OMG tasted like a mint slice! Soulla, I can’t thank you enough. Your passion has made a beautiful impact on my life, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. Many thanks and love
— Giovanna
I loved the workshop and very much enjoyed learning about the uses and ways in which to use and apply the oils to my life, and incorporate them in nearly every aspect of life. I will definitely be signing up. I really thought there was a massive difference between young living and other leading brands. It is a testament to Young Living, because I can already smell and notice the quality difference. I loved hearing about your journey because I am obsessed with your products and philosophy on eating...
— Madeline
Soulla, your workshop was very interesting and inspiring. I got home ready to make a change in our families day to day lives and reduce our toxin intake.
— Kristin
Soulla, your knowledge and enthusiasm have been the inspiration I needed to begin my journey with Young Living. I was super excited to receive my kit this morning which I promptly took into our Alexandria office where all staff members are currently enjoying a blend of Frankie, Lemon and Peppermint.
— Tracy