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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

This is not about deprivation! This is about healthy swaps!

Becca Crawford

One factor that might deter people from migrating to a more clean, holistic, 'low tox' (whatever you want to call it) lifestyle is the notion that they are "giving up" their favourite foods, drinks, perfumes, personal care products, household cleaners or other creature comforts. 

But since having been in this journey for 2 decades and intensively for the past decade these are my observations:


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A more natural / 'low tox' version of just about everything exists in today's market. From food, drinks, perfumes, make up, household cleaners, linen, pillows and everything in between there is a whole world of 'low tox' living that is just as if not more enjoyable. You get all the benefits (e.g. taste sensations) without the chemical load. 

Most of my clients don't appreciate the hidden dangers in commercial products. Once they appreciate that alternatives exist, and know where to source them from affordably (which is exactly the information that I provide in my health coaching sessions) they are more than happy to "healthy swap it". 

Some easy "healthy swap" quick wins on the nutrition front are switching:

✔️ margarine to butter
✔️ grain fed animal products to grass fed
✔️ industrial seed oils to natural fats
✔️ refined sugars to natural low-fructose sweeteners
✔️ yeasted breads to sourdough breads
✔️ refined salt to unrefined salt
✔️ microwaving to stove-top cooking 

There's no feeling of deprivation here!

Just a feeling of increased taste sensation (as more nutrient-dense foods = more tasty food), increased satiety (as wholefoods and natural fats are more filling than refined foods) and increased health and vitality.  

I don't feel even slightly deprived. My kids don't feel deprived.

We eat like kings 3 meals a day. Bacon, eggs, fatty meat on the bone, game meat, organ meat, raw meat, stews, slow cooks, juicy steaks, buttery greens, full fat dairy, cured meats, smoked salmon and caviar. This is the very food of the Royal family! We have access to healthy treats and desserts whenever we want. The fluro blue icing cakes made with refined flour and refined sugar don't appeal in the slightest. I don't even view them as real food. We are not giving up anything - just all the toxins...The artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives, soy lecithins, refined sugars, milk powders, seed oils, trans fats and other processed crap. Sign me up baby! 


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Clean living means living more simply.

Reducing all the crap and clutter and distilling life down to what really matters. From 10 household cleaners I now have 1. From 17 different brands of moisturisers, I now use extra virgin olive oil. From 3 brands of milk I use 1. From umpteen brands of perfumes I use one brand of essential oils. From packaged foods containing a truckload of ingredients we choose products with a handful of  ingredients or better yet make our own. From numerous mediocre restaurants offering poor quality food, I choose a handful of quality ones. 

Life is more simple, less complicated. And our bodies are less taxed. That's a win win.


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Accept and be at peace with the fact that your choices might be a little unconventional and that's ok. If your friends stick their noses up at your choices, what's that really saying about them? Do what's right for you and your family. Put your and your family's health first. Instal the confidence in your children to make good choices in all aspects of their life- from their friends, food and drinks. Remind them that diversity is the spice of life. Not everyone will agree with you and that's ok. There's no judgement lauded upon those who follow a different path. They may change their path a million times in their life. I've bought and worn many Tshirts in my time (vegan, macrobiotic vegetarian, etc etc). Do what serves you best irrespective of what others think. So often we are afraid to step outside the well trodden path but that's where juicy adventures and treasure lies. 

My recent trick or treating experience with my kids last week was proof in point of the above 3 issues. It was the easiest Halloween I've experienced. With our healthy Halloween treat bags in tow, my kids enjoyed healthy treats whenever they wanted. No deprivation. We simply healthy swapped the crap with nutrient-dense, no guilt treats. We simplified life. Instead of 75 different sugar and crap laden junk on offer, I made 5 different treats.  No feeling ill. No sugar spikes and crashes. No preservative-induced temper tantrums. And we were happy to follow our own path. Well, to follow the existing path down Chesterfield Pde, with our own quirks. 

So that's it. Healthy swaps is the name of my game. 

How about you?? Have you "healthy swapped" many things in your and your family's life? How has it been received by your family and your friends? Do you still have a way to go? What's been hard and what's been easy? I'd love to hear from you!