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Star Anise is now hiring!


354A1690I am looking to hire someone to start sooner rather than later for approx 10 hours a week to assist Thomas, Tehgan and I in making and packaging my full range of products (including activated nuts, pâté, stock, sauerkraut, date coconut balls, power bars, chocolate, kombucha, beet kvass etc). Attributes:

1. must enjoy my eclectic taste in music (top 40 anyone?!)

2. able to deal with my frequent passionate outbursts (I am Greek after all...)

3. able to laugh at the numerous behind-the-scene F$#K ups that don't seem to be abating any time soon

4. totally cool with handling chook feet, beef bones, as well as copious amounts of beef tallow.... Hard to believe I was once a hard-core vegetarian, huh?!

5. happy to taste-test numerous iterations of my wholefoods creations (even if you don't feel like rosepetal water kefir jelly for the 10th time that day or some fish stock at 8am)

6. any IT skills (esp in excel spreadsheets) would be freakin' awesome.

....and oh, being reliable, responsible, creative, takes initiative, organised, clean-living, works in a super clean and tidy manner and has a keen interest in nutrition and wholefoods are a given.

To apply or to make enquiries please email me at