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second foam rolling workshop: Thursday 19th March 7:30pm


The first foam rolling workshop is now fully booked so we are holding a second workshop the following Thursday 19th March. All of the details and information on how to book can be found in this post advertising the first foam rolling workshop except the date of the second workshop is 19th March. All other details remain the same. There are 5 spots left as I type this so get in fast if you are interested in attending. Given the popularity we may hold these regularly throughout the year. IMG_1531

Foam rolling workshop: Thursday 12 March 7:30pm


IMG_1531When I come across something that immeasurably improves the quality of my life I can't help but share it. Foam rolling to release fascia is one such example. Since I started  foam rolling a year ago my injuries have dramatically reduced, my osteo-skeletal issues have minimised, my flexibility has improved out of sight despite doing less stretching, and my recovery after intense interval training has improved.... and most importantly when I foam-roll consistently I am pain-free. For someone who spent most of their teens, 20s and 30s in chronic osteo-skeletal pain, I can't begin to tell you the sheer ecstasy of being pain-free. Moving to a nutrient-dense wholefoods diet, less sitting, and switching to interval training as opposed to long slow steady-state cardio, all made dramatic improvements in my ailing health, but foam rolling has taken it to the next level. I have had a lot of interest and enquiries from clients, customers and friends about foam rolling- why do you do it ? what is it? how do you do it? So I have teamed up with my PT and human movement specialist, Chris Ogle,  to run a fascia release workshop using foam rollers and rubber balls to show you the what, why and hows.

IMG_2367The cost of the class is $35 per person and will be run by Chris. I will be participating (and possibly throwing in my 2 cents worth).

What you will get:

  • an explanation of what fascia is, its role in the human body, what causes it to tighten, the consequences of tight fascia, and how to loosen it
  • an explanation of why stretching alone is not enough
  • practical demonstrations
  • 1 hour of releasing fascia via foam rolling and rubber balls
  • opportunity to ask questions, and place an order to purchase a foam roller and a rubber ball for you to release fascia at home at your convenience!
  • opportunity to check to a new gym and be given a free 2 week trial.
IMG_6269This workshop is primarily targeted at those who:
  • want to take their flexibility and /or athletic performance to the next level
  • have tight spots, niggling pains, or  inflexibility in certain parts of their body
  • enjoy the feeling of being massaged or would love to have regular massage but might not have the time and/or funds for it
  • are not getting enough benefit from stretching alone
  • want to learn how to effectively release fascia and iron out tight spots in their own home
  • curious to try something new and have some fun!
Where: Centennial Health Studio at EQ, Moore Park (near Pumpkin Patch), yoga room, level 1 up the escalators.
When: Thursday 12th March 7:30pm - 9pm ish
Spaces limited to 14.  If this class books out we will run additional classes in the following weeks.
Wear: tight fitting gym/yoga clothes (loose clothing and loose hair gets caught up under the roller- I learnt that one the hard way!)
RSVP:  To secure your spot  you will need to:
1. text me your interest on 0407 871 884 and I will confirm whether there are spaces available; and 2. once I confirm that there is a spot available please transfer $35 (referencing your name and ‘foamroller’) within 24 hours to secure your spot into this bank account:
Account name: staraniseorganicwholefoods (aust) pty ltd

BSB: 062 000 Account no: 15110110