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If you would like to be added to my pâté email distribution list...


IMG_5068 I hope you have all had an awesome start to 2015. Did you know that pastured livers are the most nutrient-dense food on the planet bar none? They are high in vitamins A, D, E and B group vitamins (crucial for reproductive health) and minerals such as highly absorbable iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and choline. Livers are the richest source of folate of any food (expectant mothers take note!). Livers are also a great source of protein and healthy saturated fats.

Given how vitamin and mineral depleted most of us are in this busy Western world, I believe pâté (or other organ meats for that matter) is something we should be eating least once or twice a week if not more frequently. They are an especially important source of fuel and nourishment for athletes, children, those who are iron-deficient, those wishing to fall pregnant, as well as pregnant and lactating women. To read how one mother overcame dangerously low iron levels during her pregnancy with daily consumption of livers (as opposed to iron tablets that her doctor was pushing), read one of my earlier posts here.

Concerned about the taste? Chicken liver pâté is a very palatable way of consuming organ meats. I suggest eating with vegetable sticks or on traditionally prepared bread (sourdough, sprouted etc).

I make chicken liver pâté on a weekly (or fortnightly) basis with livers from Burrawong pastured hens  (and other ingredients that are either certified organic or if not certified then in substance organic).

I run regular cooking classes on how to cook organ meats but if you don’t have the time, energy or inclination to make pâté on a regular basis (or if the idea of handling livers freaks you out) then consider being added to my pâté email distribution list. All you need to do is let me know (via text 0407871884 or email your email address and I'll add you to the list so that you will be notified whenever I make pâté and which flavour I'm making. I make 4 varieties: (a) sage and thyme, (b) rosemary, (c) date, and (d)  fig (the latter 2 are a sweeter introduction to the world of pâté). Then you simply let me know if you want any and when you can collect from my workshop in Waverley. I retail it for $19.80/240g tub and it can befrozen- handy for a summer picnic or a rainy day emergency. Pâté keeps 5 days in the fridge once the butter encasing is broken.  




What's in my medicine cabinet to treat common colds and sore throats



I am often asked for recommendations on what natural remedies to take for a common cold or sore throat. Even though Spring is just around the corner (hooray for that!) and the temperatures are rising I often find that it is the change of seasons when many people succumb to colds and sore throats. So here is what I and my kids take when we have a cold or sore throat:

1. Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil. This is high in vitamins A, D and  K2 plus omega 3 fatty acids. 1 tsp/day for adults, 1/2 tsp for children and 2 tsp/day for pregnant/lactating women. I take the cod liver oil infused with the high vitamin butter oil for extra vitamins as I don't have any dairy intolerances. Otherwise you could take the plain one without butter oil. I sell at $60 or purchase directly from  GPA Wholefoods.

2. Schuessler homeopathic tissue salts. The 2 I always have on hand are "fer phos" which is akin to a natural Panadol for the onset of cold/fever, and "kali mur" which helps with mucous and sore throats. Take up to 6 each per day. $12ish each for 125 tablets. Sold at organic stores like About Life or The Health Emporium at Bondi.

3. Vabori olive leaf extract. Like everything, source and processing of olive leaf is critically important and after much research this premium quality olive leaf extract is the ONLY brand I would recommend as they use fresh (not reconstituted) olive leaves. Store in fridge and take as directed on bottle.

4. Gargle salt water a few times per day. Make sure your salt is unrefined eg sea salt. A salt water gargle is just as good and safer than any pharmaceutical-based throat gargle.

5. Loving Earth Gubinge Vitamin c powder. Vitamin C great for healing and immunity. 1 tsp / day dissolved in water. Sold at Ovvio Organics at Paddington 5 ways or The Health Emporium at Bondi.

6. In terms of nutrient-dense foods when ill- I advocate lots of home-made gelatinous broth/stock, cultured veggies for natural probiotics, pastured livers, garlic and pastured egg yolks. A tub of my ready-made chicken liver pate is an easy meal when you're feeling too sick to cook.

7. Drink lots of filtered salted water (add 1/8 tsp per liter of filtered water). Herbal teas like home-made lemon and fresh ginger tea or Ovvio C-Strength tea are great too.

8. Coconut oil - I recommend both oil-pulling to speed up detoxification and adding extra coconut oil in your cooking (eg on steamed veggies or to pan fry) and in smoothies. Coconut oil is anti-microbial, anti-bacteria, anti-fungal and anti-viral... Meaning that it KILLS BAD BUGS! It's also a natural inflammatory.

9. Immune Defence herbal tonic by Ethical Nutrients. I personally haven't taken this but it comes highly recommended by integrative GP Dr Min Yeo as an addition to my above list (but not to be taken when pregnant or breastfeeding). Sold in the fridge at Chemist Warehouse (eg Oxford St mall at Bondi Junction). 1-2 per day.

Obviously if your symptoms persist I recommend seeing a holistic practitioner on the same nutritional page such as integrative GPs Dr Kate Norris or Dr Min Yeo from the U-Clinic in Surry Hills or natropath Anthia Koullouros at Ovvio Paddington 5 Ways. If you live in Melbourne I have a list of like-minded practitioners that I can email you.

Happy healthy healing!