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We are completely transparent about who our suppliers are and encourage our customers to ask questions and seek information about the source of individual ingredients. 

Ingredients used in our wholefood creations are certified organic whereever possible.  

Where organic certification of a product is not possible (eg sea salt) we opt for the least processed and most natural product. We meticulously source from farmers and suppliers committed to ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Beef bones used in the beef broth are 100% pastured and certified organic from Arcadian Meats
Chicken frames and wings used in the chicken broth are 100% pastured and certified organic from Inglewood Farms.
Chicken livers used in the pâté are 100% pastured and certified organic from Inglewood Farms.
Fish frames used in the fish broth are from 100% wild Australian fish from local fish mongers.
Herbs and spices are supplied by Ovvio Organics or Honest to Goodness. 
Salt used is unrefined Sicilian sea salt free of anti-caking agents.
Vegetables and fruit are supplied by Eco Farms or other local green grocers.
Frozen fruit is supplied by Harvestime.
Dates and dried fruit are supplied by Honest to Goodness.
Coconut milk is supplied by Honest to Goodness and is BPA free and guar gum free. 
Nuts, seeds and buckwheat are supplied by various farmers or wholesalers, opting for Australian-grown where possible.
Raw cacao power, raw cacao butter and coconut nectar are supplied by Loving Earth.
Pure Canadian maple syrup is supplied by Jakeman’s.
Sourdough bread is supplied by iggys bread of the world. 
Gluten-free bread is supplied by Spring Wholefoods.
Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is supplied by Toscana Olives in Victoria.
Fish sauce (sweetener-free) is supplied by Red Boat.
Butter used is 100% pastured and sea salted supplied by Organic Dairy Farmers.
Raw milk cheeses are Parmigiano Reggiano from Italy and Gruyere from Switzerland.
Fermented cod liver oils are supplied by Green Pastures.
Collagen Hydrolysate and Gelatin powders are supplied by Great Lakes.
We use a reverse osmosis water filtration system supplied by The Water Shop.
Our tamper-proof plastic containers for the sale of our frozen stock and soups are BPA free & recyclable.
Our paper products are eco-friendly and plastic bags are biogegradable.