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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

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what's happening in the wholefoods community....


There seems to be a lot of movement at the station so I thought I'd give you all a quick heads up summary of some of the major events in the recent past, present and near future: 1. About Life  opened a new store at 1 Kiaora Lane Double Bay today 5 June 2014. Check out their FB page here.

IMG_90792. BU Organics (Ebley street, Bondi Junction) closed down the Suveran cafe on Oxford St (opposite About Life) but opened up a second store- located 102 Campbell Parade Bondi Beach right in the thick of the tourist epicentre of Australia. Check out their FB page here.

3. Vivid Sydney light festival has some organic wholefood options including Agape food truck outside the Opera House forecourt. I enjoyed the Pulled wagyu beef spelt rollers from there. Other food truck options include EatArt Truck at Hickson Rd and Veggie Patch Van, Hickson Road near the Harbour Bridge. Spectacular lights, stunning Sydney harbour plus wholefood options = great night out for young and old and everyone in between. From 6pm daily until 9 June. Check out this blog post by PaleoFoodies for more info.

4. Omeio- a new organic online wholefoods retailer is about to launch in the near future. Stay tuned on this one. Check out their website or FB page for more information. They will be stocking premium-quality Australian and imported wholefoods including my activated nuts and OVViO teas and spices.

IMG_8604IMG_86055. Anthia Koullouros, natropath, herbalist and owner of OVViO Organic Health & Lifestyle Store in Paddington has published her cook book "I Am Food" in hard cover form. This can be purchased here.

6. Sarah Ballantyne who lives in the USA (aka the Paleo Mom) published her book "The Paleo Approach" dealing with reversing auto-immunity. A very scientific in-depth approach to a complex (and ever-growing) issue. Check it out here. Her FB posts are great too.

7. The Conscious Club's next event is on 18th June and looks to be pretty awesome featuring an internationally acclaimed documentary The Human Experiment narrated by Oscar winner Sean Penn, and produced by Emmy awarded journalists Dana Nachman & Don Hardy. Tickets can be purchased here. Looking forward to this one!

8. PaleoFoodies is hosting an exclusive food evening at $80/head on 25th June 6:30-8:30pm at Tatler Sydney, Darlinghurst. It is a showcase of primally-inspired cuisine and will be hosted by Luke Hines and Scott Gooding, authors of Clean Living and Clean Living Cookbook. Check it out here to purchase tickets. I'll be there!

IMG_91349.  Mike Campbell has published his book "Unleash your Alpha" aimed at the modern man. A manual on how to "eat like a man, train like a beast, operate like a gentleman and become a legend."  Check out this post on him and his book by PaleoFoodies here. I met with him recently for coffee and an informal chat about his book and work as a PT. A really lovely guy and an inspiration and role model for blokes being the best they can be. You can follow his posts here.

Glad to see that the demand for clean, properly sourced and prepared food (together with an appreciation of a broader holistic lifestyle) is gaining momentum.


BU Organics- Pete Melov opens new produce store


IMG_1385Pete Melov (from the Suveran cafe) and Pete Evans (chef from My Kitchen Rules) have joined forces to open a new organic produce store  at 40 Ebley Street Bondi Junction, just around the corner from Pete's existing Suveran cafe on Oxford Street. The shop has been opened a mere 3 days. The space is open, large and bright - a welcome change! On sale are affordably priced fresh fruit, veggies, eggs, lacto-fermented foods, pastured meat (Cleavers, Enviroganic chickens), grains, teas, other staples and of course loads of coconuts! All produce certified organic or wild crafted (ie grown without sprays in accordance with the laws of nature). In the near future we can also expect to see certified organic livers from various animals (including emu!) as well as bacon (bring it on!). Who doesn't love a one-stop shop! But no sign of dairy....we won't go there..... IMG_1389

Pete tells me he aims to keep produce prices cheaper than the prices of the produce sold at his previous organic shop which he exited a few months ago (Organic Paradise on Oxford Street which is a couple doors down from the Suveran cafe).  Spend more than $100 and you get 5% discount.

The new BU Organic shop will also sell take-away cafe food like salads but not to the same quantity as the Suveran cafe which will still operate and exclusively sell cafe food without produce.

BU Organics (which stands for BE YOU, as everyone is seemingly trying to be like someone else or so Pete tells me) comes complete with a dry sauna and shower facilities for $10 a pop. I wouldn't have expected anything less from our quirky Pete, would you?


I left with 3 large shopping bags of produce to feed a family of 4 for a week for $110 and Pete threw in for free a couple of kilos of free well-ripened bananas, 6 bunches of coriander that are starting to wilt and a couple of mangos that are slightly blemished. Pete has always been generous in giving away produce that is less than perfect looking.

I think Pete's doing a great community service in opening this new store and I admire his vision and enthusiasm in making affordable sustainable produce available to the masses.

my cocobella!

Check it out, get some fresh produce into you, so you can go out and ROCK IT!

What do you think of Pete's new digs?

dry sauna

pastured meat and LF foods