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Online Workshops

WORKSHOPS (online)

If you live overseas, interstate, outside Sydney, or for whatever reason simply can’t make it to one of my workshops in person, this is where you can come to access my workshops online. My goal is to eventually make all of my workshops available online  so that everyone, where ever you may live, can enjoy them to the greatest extent possible in the convenience of your own home. The online workshops will be rolled out one at a time and uploaded to this page. I hope you enjoy the experience and feel like you actually attended the workshop in person!

I’m seriously loving your online workshops - very informative, great presentation, the way you welcome me into your kitchen is amazing. The cakes all look sensational- I’m not sure which one to try first (the only thing holding me back is knowing I’m going to eat them all!). The broth workshop also amazing, I watched it then made it. Even though I’ve made broth often I’ve struggled to get the gelatinous character- not this time!!! It’s so jelly like it’s amazing you answered many questions! Xx
— Marianna
I LOVED your broth workshop. It distilled down everything that I had spent months researching from library books on brothing! So practical
— Suzanne
I’ve been making bone broth for the past year in the slow cooker and on the hob, however could never get a good layer of ‘fat’ on the top. I followed your booklet instructions and bought a 10L pot, left out the vegetables, added in feet and two more organic carcasses and BINGO - best broth I’ve ever made!! I’ve made some cubes for our smoothies also. Excited. I’m delighted and ever so grateful you offered the online course. It’s already a game-changer for our family
— Debby