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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...


Becca Crawford


It’s that time of year again! Deep breath and…. sigh. Each year as I walk Chesterfield Pde stunned by the transformation of Bronte’s seaside fig lined street into a Halloween extravaganza with no expense spared on either houses or costumes, I am even more stunned that in this day and age with SO! MUCH! INFORMATION! on the dangers of sugars and artificial ingredients, how on earth can people  STILL THINK THAT IS OK to shove a stupendous amounts of toxic crap into our kids. How is this STILL OK?!? Halloween would actually be quite cool if it wasn’t so deadly. 

For the record…"Dear residents, can you pleeeeeeeeeeease stop poisoning our kids?!?!!”

No, I’m not Amish. And nor am I a party pooper. Allow me to let you in on a little secret in case you didn’t get the memo: This is not about deprivation! This is about healthy swaps!! Yes! Healthy swaps that are just as, if not more, delicious than artificial crap, and are made with nutrient dense ingredients that are actually GOOD FOR CHILDREN, and that don’t leave a trail of learning, behavioural, digestive and skin issues in their wake after consumption <<loud clapping, cheering, fireworks>>

With the above in mind, a few years I decided to take matters into my own hands and provide my community with a healthy Halloween trick or treat bag. They went down a treat (excuse the pun) and parents loved them! Why? Because we are not afraid to start a ripple effect that demonstrates:

1. As parents we care about what goes into our children's bodies
2. We are fed up with the toxic crap that gets dolled out to our kids  in the name of “treats”
3. Kids are happy to eat healthy treats, without all the toxic ingredients, if we just offer it to them. D’ah! 


This year our Halloween bags contain a delightful mix of 7 of our favourite nutrient-dense organic raw treats handcrafted at Broth Bar & Larder:

🎃 2 raspberry gummies made with raspberries, gelatin powder and the teeniest amount of maple syrup (less than 1/10 teaspoon per gummy). 
🎃 2 mango gummies (as above but made with mangoes instead of raspberries). 
🎃 1 mint carob bear made with carob powder, raw cacao butter and therapeutic-grade Young Living peppermint essential oil .... With NO ADDED SWEETENER!!! 
🎃 a 30g pack of our signature activated macadamias. Nice to have something savoury in the bag!! Traditionally, trick or treat bags contained nuts. 
🎃 a 30g pack of activated pepitias and goji berries 
🎃 2of our choc orange raw dark chocolate segments infused with therapeutic-grade Young Living orange essential oil
🎃 1 choc orange bliss ball infused with therapeutic-grade Young Living orange essential oil
🎃 kid friendly Halloween jokes selected by my kids 😂

All ingredients are certified organic and maple syrup is pure Canadian maple syrup. 

These trick or treat bags retail for $19.95 and can be used in 3 ways

1. Take them with you when going trick or treating and let your kids munch on some of the healthy snacks rather than the crappy confectionary they will be given (which you can accept graciously then turf at home). If you have no alternative with you,  the temptation to eat confectionary is too great for kids.
2. When you get back home use the treats as a healthy swap for all of the crap that they will be given.
3. Use the treats or the jokes when a little ghost or dracula comes knocking on your door. You'll feel good knowing that you have provided a little soul with something actually good for them. 

These bags will be available for collection from Broth Bar &  Larder in Bronte by pre-order and pre-pay only. Call Broth Bar directly on 0421 786 009 to pre-order. 

And if you don’t live locally to collect one of our bags, you can read this blog post that I wrote many years ago on 6 ways to deal with Halloween. This trend is catching, so you too might like to make and take your own healthy trick or treat bag with you when you and your kids do the rounds of the streets. 

I would love to know what you think of these trick or treat bags. Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

 Here's some feedback from one of our Broth Bar regular mums on our Halloween bags from previous years:

What a wonderful idea!!! Such a relief knowing I’m not the only parent who thinks this whole thing is crazy following northern hemisphere traditions that are not aligned with our earth based seasons as an excuse to sell crap to our community and fill our children with sugar!! It is spring here in Australia!! Flowers blooming, baby animals being born and new Life emerging!! When I was growing up in the northern hemisphere Halloween was about letting go, it was autumn and there were pumpkins everywhere and leaves falling from trees and we honoured our ancestors from our past (hence the scary dead theme of Halloween). Anyone else feel as confused as I do?? What exactly are we programming our children with?? Anyway, thank you Soulla for bringing a healthy real option to the festivities of Halloween. Appreciate everything you offer to our community
— Lizzy